What Makes You a Winner?

Chance Win Lose Dice
“You’re never a loser until you quit trying.”
Mike Ditka

Do you know what the difference between a winner and a loser is?

Is it luck? Talent?
Was the winner raised in a better family?
Had a better childhood?

No, it is none of these. It is much simpler than you think, and yet so many people fail at it.

You will now learn what it takes to become a winner. …read more

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Making Dreams Come True

Ladder Direct To Blue Cloud

“Don’t ever let someone who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of pursuing yours.”

“I have no dreams”

I am totally shocked. I can’t believe what I just heard. “I have no dreams”.

An acquaintance I haven’t seen for more than 10 years has just said that to me, and with such an absolute certainty that it shocks me.

I have been in Malmö on a business network meeting. The time is around noon, and the sun is shining lovely, like it sometimes does on early autumn days in Sweden.

I was intending to pick up my car and drive home, but the beautiful weather convinces me to enjoy a walk downtown instead.

I cross the main street to the other side. At one of the shop windows my attention is caught by a window cleaner doing his job. He seems familiar somehow, so I decide to approach him.

I now recognise him as an acquaintance I saw a great deal of 12 years ago, and haven’t seen since.

“Hi! How are you?”, I say to him. He turns around, recognises me, and replies “I’m fine.” We talk casually for a while about our jobs, and soon the conversation turns routine and uninspiring.

I switch to a more fun topic by saying “Have you fulfilled any of your dreams?”. That is when he is telling me “I have no dreams”. He says it with such certainty. It is completely unexpected. I can hear in his voice that this is an accepted truth. I can’t believe my ears.

Then we talk for a while about our families, and after saying goodbye I depart.

The impression of what he just have said remain in my head. I can just not accept it. “I have no dreams”, he said to me.

How could it be possible that a person has no dreams? …read more

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Help an Upset Friend to a Better State

Distressed Girl Holding Her Head

“Things will get worse before they get better. But when they do, remember who put you down and who helped you up.”

Have you tried to help a very sad friend ? Or a very upset friend? Did you try to give good advice? Or cheer her up ? And then wondered why she became so irritated at you, who just wanted her best?

If she is just a little sad or upset, you probably only have to talk to her in a happy or calming voice.

You have surely noticed that, if this is a serious case, and your friend is extremely sad or upset, that will not help. Instead she becomes irritated at you, poor fellow, who just wanted to help her.

You can help your friend caught in a bad state. You just have to know how to lead her out of it, into a different state. …read more

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Choose Your Friends – Choose Your Future

Smiling Friends
“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”
Steven Winterburn

If you want to become inspired to start exercising, would you go to the local bridge club?

Of course not! How on earth would bridge players inspire you to exercise?

If visiting the bridge club is not a good idea, what would be a better choice ?

  • I will tell you
  • why it doesn’t work
  • what does work and why
  • how you can use this to boost your own success

…read more

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Relax and Feel Good in 10 Minutes – MP3 Download

Man Lying On Chaise Longue
“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
Sydney J. Harris

Relaxation will help you gain new energy when you need it. You will be surprised over its effectiveness, and how deeply it makes you relax. Above all it will make you feel good.

When you are in a relaxed state you have better contact with your inner self. If you feel stressed, and want a simple way to feel better, you just need to relax. It makes you see things clearer.

To help you relax I have created an MP3 audio file, FREE for you to download, where I guide you through the relaxation. Your only concern is to listen, relax and enjoy. At the end of the post you can download the file. …read more

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Use Compliments to Make People Grow – And Yourself Too

Green Sapling

“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”
Albert Einstein

How come we are so quick to criticise others, but so lousy to praise?

To pay a compliment can be difficult in the beginning if you are not used to it. It takes courage to approach someone and say your opinion.

When properly used, a compliment is a fantastic tool to make others grow and strengthen their self-image. It strengthens good behaviour. It creates trust and strengthens emotional bonds.

If abused, it can have the opposite effect.

But how should we compliment and avoid misunderstandings? Of course we would like our message to be well received. …read more

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How to Be On Time, Every Time

Woman angry at her boyfriend for being late
Are you always late when you are going somewhere? And no matter how hard you try, you never succeed to be on time? Are people teasing you for it?

Sometimes unforeseen things happen. But if you are constantly late, you need to change something.

What do others do to always be punctual?

You are now going to learn some simple tricks that will make you arrive on time. Every time.

Estimate Time

Do you know how long it takes you to do things? Do you know how long it takes you to prepare to leave, and how long it takes you to arrive? These are the most important things for you to know if you want to be on time. …read more

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How to Become a Hero in 15 Minutes – Model a Successful Person

Hero firing a gun
How would you feel if you could become a hero ? A hero of your own choice? Not just acting like the hero, but really feeling that you are a hero? The hero you admire so much, and who can handle everything skilfully. What you can’t do today, your hero can do easily. He just does it, without even reflecting on how.

What would it feel like if you could become him for a while? To fully experience how he is ? And even learn how he does it, so you can do the same in your own life?

This is fully possible, and you will now learn how. You will learn to become your hero, and absorb his abilities. And when you are …read more

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The Words That Will Make You Successful

Businessman Cheering Achievement
I am sure you all have met this fantastic guy. He always seems to be successful, no matter what he does. A lot of things are happening around him all the time. He finishes one project after another, and there seems to be no end to it. He makes things happen.

Have you ever wondered how he does that? Where does he get his energy from? Maybe you wish you had a little of whatever he has got?

He knows that the words he is using control his actions. He has learned to use words that power him …read more

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How to Make People Listen to You – Even When You Criticise

Girl Listens With Hand At Ear

Girl punching a man on his face with sheer enjoyment
How do you get someone to listen to your negative criticism? Without first knocking them, and then when they are down, telling them your message!

In this article you will read about the straight-to-the-point method, and why it does not work. You will also learn about the feedback sandwich, a more effective way to deliver criticism.

Builder Showing His Hammer
A couple of years ago, I lived in a small house in Oxie. I and my girlfriend had been out dancing on a Friday night, and had come home late. During weekends I always wake up late, and had counting on doing that this time too. At about 8am we were both awoken …read more

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