How to Become a Hero in 15 Minutes – Model a Successful Person

Hero firing a gun
How would you feel if you could become a hero ? A hero of your own choice? Not just acting like the hero, but really feeling that you are a hero? The hero you admire so much, and who can handle everything skilfully. What you can’t do today, your hero can do easily. He just does it, without even reflecting on how.

What would it feel like if you could become him for a while? To fully experience how he is ? And even learn how he does it, so you can do the same in your own life?

This is fully possible, and you will now learn how. You will learn to become your hero, and absorb his abilities. And when you are your hero, you may choose to let some of those abilities remain in you. How much would that improve your life ?

In this article I am writing about the hero as a man. This is just to simplify for me as a writer. It will work just as well with a female hero. The important thing is that the hero has abilities that you want.

I will gradually guide you through the process of creating an inner image of your hero. Then you will experience what it is like to be the hero. Finally you may choose to incorporate some beneficial abilities of your hero into yourself. You will also use an anchor in order to make it easier for you to access the abilities of your hero.

Your hero could be a famous singer, an actor, a police officer, your boss, or any other person you admire. He just has to be a specific person, a person you know who it is. Who would you like to become? Take your time, and make a wise choice.

There is something this hero is good at, and you feel that you want to become equally good at it. There is a situation in your life that does not work the way you want it to. You know that your hero is capable of handling it. Clarify what that situation is. Take your time to think it through, and how the hero would have handled the situation. During the exercise I will ask you to recall this situation.

Before you proceed, I want you to read through all the steps, so you have a good idea of what to do. Also read the example that follows, so you understand the exercise better.

During the exercise you will have your eyes closed. If you need to read the description at some step, it is OK for you to open your eyes and do so. When you have finished reading you should close your eyes again.

Step 1 – Relax

Start this exercise by going into a relaxed state. Make sure you are at a place where you will not be disturbed. You may play some music that makes you relax.

Now close your eyes and focus on the breathing. Breathe calmly. Feel how you inhale, and exhale, and how your chest is rising and falling as you breathe. Feel how you are breathing all the time. Continue with this until you feel fully relaxed.

If you want to relax deeper you may listen to this 10 minute guided relaxation (it’s free!).

Step 2 – Create An Image of Your Hero

Smiling Businessman Standing
Stand up, with your eyes still closed. Create an image in your mind of your hero standing in front of you. See what clothes the hero is wearing, and how he stands. See the shape of his face, his nose and his mouth. Maybe some part is prominent.

Notice the colour of the hair, the haircut, the eyes, the ears, the hands, the feet and his body posture. See as many details as possible, so you feel that he is there for real.

It is not important that the details are absolutely correct. The important thing is that you see the image that you associate with the hero, your own perception of him, so he becomes as real to you as possible. There are probably some details that you are not sure about. Just add details that you feel are correct, so you can feel that he is real.

Keep this image in your mind for a while, until you can feel that the hero feels real to you.

Step 3 – Make Your Hero Alive

Businessman Running With Briefcase
Now make your hero alive. Let him start moving. See what gestures he is using, how his mouth is moving as he speak, the sound of his voice, his body movements, how he is walking.

Smell him. Touch him, and let him touch you. Talk to him, and listen to what he has to say to you. Feel that it is really your hero standing in front of you, communicating with you.

Keep this image a while this time too, so you feel that he is real to you.

Step 4 – Let Your Hero Act

Now I want you to recall the situation you were thinking about above. Let your hero enter this situation. See it happening in your mind. Watch him act in this situation.

Start from the beginning, and move through the entire situation, until you reach the successful ending. Make it as real as you can.

Repeat this three times, so you can see and hear clearly what he is doing.

Step 5 – Act Like Your Hero

You have now seen your hero handling the situation successfully. Now I want you take a few steps forward, and walk into the hero’s body, letting his body surround you. You will now, using the hero’s body, become an actor. You see a camera team and spotlights around you, so you know this is only a movie.

Now, while you are inside the hero’s body and controlling it, I want you to experience the same situation as before. The only difference is that now you are the actor.

See yourself do the same things he did, and handle the situation successfully. If it doesn’t work, just stop it, and start from the beginning again. The camera team is used to this, so they don’t mind. Feel the joy of success when you finally succeed.

Repeat this 3 successful times, until you feel comfortable doing it.

Step 6 – Become Your Hero

Now we will take this one step further. Now you are the hero. You are no longer acting. You are really the hero. Your body is the hero’s body. Feel how it feels to have his body, and wearing his clothes. The camera team and the spotlights are now gone. It is now for real.

See the situation again in your head. Experience yourself handling the situation successfully, now that you really are the hero. Once again feel the joy of having succeeded. Repeat this 3 times, until you feel certain you can do it.

You have now practiced how to handle the situation, using the abilities of your hero. You have had an important experience. You may now choose to integrate these abilities into you, into your brain. This will give you access to their benefits.

If you choose to do so, proceed like this. Imagine that the abilities are real, and that you can feel them inside you. Let the abilities enter your mind, and be absorbed. Wait a moment, until you feel that the abilities have been fully absorbed and accepted. Feel the additional strength you gain from this.

Step 7 – Use An Anchor

Red anchor
You can amplify the effect by using an anchor. Does your hero have a movement he uses frequently, like scratching his chin or doing a high-five, or does he have an expression he often uses when talking? It needs to be something that you feel is typical for your hero.

Whenever you need to have access to your hero again, to feel his powers within you, you only need to use this motion or expression, and you will enter the hero role again. You remind yourself about the hero, and will have faster access to his abilities. This is called to trigger an anchor.

Example With A Hero

Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
My own hero is Clint Eastwood, or rather the cowboy he plays in his movies. He is a man with high standards. He is proud, and fights for what he believes in.

As I close my eyes, I can see him standing in front of me, tall and wearing cowboy clothes. A leather hat on his head, a blue shirt with long sleeves, and a brown west. Blue jeans and a pair of brown cowboy boots with spurs.

His gaze is grim. His eyes are hard, and clearly shows that he is a man who knows what he wants. His body posture is upright and proud, showing that he believes in himself.

His movements are calm and assured. His vibrating voice is assertive and confident. His walk is calm and confident, and shows that he is not afraid of his enemies. When he fires his gun his hand movement is lightning fast. You can almost not see moving.

My situation is where I confront a gang of hostile men. They feel threatening, and it is dark. I get scared, and want to run away. I would like to handle this situation in a more confident manner. Clint will handle this elegant.

He walks confidently to the men, and asks “Who is your leader?”. One of the man says “I am”. “Good”, Clint replies. “You and your men have stayed calm so far. I would you to remain calm for the rest of the night. Got it?” “OK”, says the leader. I let Clint handle this situation 4 times, and after that it feels OK.

I now enter Clint’s body, and see through his eyes. I can see the hostile men in front of me, and I can also see the camera team and the spotlights. I hear a voice saying “Action”, and we all start to act. I now act like Clint in the scene, talking to the men, and when it is ended I feel happy. I repeat this 3 times more, and it feels great.

Now the camera team disappears, and the environment feels more real. I act like I did in the movie, and everything goes smoothly. I repeat this 3 times more. It feels terrific!

My anchor for becoming Clint Eastwood is to start talking with the same voice and in the same pace as he does. That makes me become his character, and gain his abilities.

How It Works

If you experience something in the real world, or if you experience it in your head, your mind will react in exactly the same way. We are using this in the exercise. Your mind reacts like it really happened. Thus you can practice a situation that you want to master, by making it as real as possible in your head. You can also repeat this situation as many times as you like, until you feel that you get the result you want.

While practicing this your subconscious mind will learn the new behaviour. When you accept the behaviour as a part of you, because of the benefits it gives you, your subconscious mind will fully absorb it.

Furthermore you use an anchor, a movement or an expression, to quickly enter that role again, and get access to the abilities of the hero.

This method does not limit you to practice becoming one hero only. You can use this method to gain abilities from all your heroes. I do however recommend you to wait a few days between the exercises, between each hero, so you will fully absorb the abilities of each one.

I also recommend that, when you have learned a new behaviour, within a fairly short time, experience the situation in the real world. Then you will see that it really works, and the behaviour will be further integrated into you.


In order to become your hero, you need to follow these steps:
1. Relax
2. Create an image of your hero
3. Make your hero alive
4. Let your hero act
5. Act like your hero
6. Become your hero
7. Use an anchor

You can now become your hero whenever you want, since you know what it is like to be him. Use the anchor to amplify the effect.

You can practice to become several heroes, one at a time. Wait a few days between the sessions, to let the experience be fully absorbed.

Learn more about modelling success in this article: Modeling Success Series – William Zinsser – #2

Who is your favorite hero? Please comment below.

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  1. Stefan,
    You sure know how to “Make My Day.” Ha-Ha! What a great exercise, and your description was thorough and easy to follow. I plan to use this with my students who want some help with test anxiety. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you, Kris. I would love to hear about their improvements after going into a “hero” state.
    To all readers, check out Kristin’s blog Moved and Shaken!. She writes very good articles on self improvement.